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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  December 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. tragic discovery in the search for a missing woman. the clue that led the police to a body any arrest, while you were sleeping. plus, one win and then the end. it all comes down to sunday's game. why we have the cowboys to thank for that one. larry: hard to say, give them their props. early morning showers on the move right now. tracking the drier weather that is just a few hours away. good morning to you, i'm larry smith. jummy: and i'm jummy olabanji. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jummy: the
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family of a woman missing since christmas day, confirming that she has been found dead. sam sweeney is live with the major new developments. sam? sam: this is the worst-case scenario. that the d.c. police interim police chief will hold a press conference this morning regarding the case. tonight, tricia mcauley's car was found here. take a look at the video, you can see d.c. police holding a white sheet around the trunk. her family confirmed that the body was found. see the video there, the man shortly after that been that mano custody, appears to be the person of interest the d.c. police were looking for. christmas day is the last time that she was heard from. she went missing
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afternoon. to something on facebook, made a party she was supposed to go to but never showed up. the next morning she was supposed to fly to utah but never showed up for the flight. d.c. police put out a critical missing persons poster. friends that it was immaculate inside. early this morning her car was again found here. her apartment is near d and north capitol street. this morning we are again waiting for d.c. police to give us an update. we know that the woman was 46 and was a yoga teacher in the district and an actor, part of the screen actors guild. she had played in a number of performances in the district and was an avid gardener. we are learning more about her and the details surrounding the case and as soon as we have them, we will bring it to you live.
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we will be following this story closely all day long. you will find out the minute we get any new information or update from police by signing up for our abc seven breaking news alerts to get a text sent straight to your phone. larry: let's get a check on our forecast with veronica. 60's today? veronica: it really is unbelievable. a little taste of october here just for today. friday we will be dealing with wind chill in the 20's. you will want to get out and sunshine comes later with continued clearing. through lunchtime we will be dealing with the wet roads out there. can see the green on the stormwatch 7 live doppler just west of westminster down to frederick and leesburg. as well as crossing right over 66. the rain, making its way
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manassas and reston. a bit more to come lasting until lunchtime. yet again for new year's eve, which we will talk more about later. jamie: starting off with an issue that we have in laurel. in bothe on route one directions, mobile trak 7 is on the scene. if you are headed northbound on the icc, you cannot continue past this point. you can see here that this is where the activity is with the accident and this is the northbound stretch. these lanes over here, you can see the sign pushing you onto the icc to head westbound. of course, if that is not what you are planning to do, you can you turn, but those are your only options at this point. and 66, here's the issue
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had in fact have the right lanes completely blocked off with the disabled vehicle a bit further up ahead. that stretch headed inbound, still clear, but we are going to see those flashing lights a little bit. we will keep you updated on that crash coming up in about 10 minutes. jummy: breaking overnight, a shooting in the district now officially a homicide. a man died early this morning at the hospital, the shooting happened just before 8:00 on cedar street. anyone with information on the case is asked to call police. winter storm that swept into the great plains, weakening, but getting home after the holidays is not getting easier. white out conditions leading authorities to a no travel advisory for much of north dakota. the domination of snow, freezing rain and wind, forcing miles of highway to close. raising the risk
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and thunderstorms across the country, 3000 flights were delayed and hundreds more were canceled. dozens more have already been canceled for today. president obama and the japanese prime minister will visit the memorial at pearl harbor together. this will be their first formal trip by a japanese leader to that site. president obama will speak in commemoration of the attack the jew the u.s. into world war ii. it killed more than 2400 americans. he is not expected to apologize for the attack, but he is likely to express sympathy for the victims. larry: the redskins season, all in their hands. if they win on sunday, they are in the playoffs. ,ast night they routed detroit keeping the lines from clinching a full season. here is the breakdown once again,
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be the giants on sunday that there is one worst-case scenario where the packers and lions tie. win, that'sot to the megaphone question of the day. will they beat the giants at home on sunday? you vote on now. the game is 4:20 five, sunday, new year's day. jummy: a new clue after a plane crashes this holiday weekend. coming up, the critical piece of eviden
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veronica: so, if you don't do anything else today, find some time to enjoy yourself outdoors. we will have cloud cover lingering after the rain ensco, but once we break those clouds during the afternoon hours, take a look at this, temperatures in the 60 plus. 67 possibly in manassas.
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degrees by william fredericksburg, putting us 20 degrees above average, which is phenomenal for this time of year. the end of december, that really is the first order of business for the day. it will be a little bit windy but you if you have other exchanging of packages to do or returning, today's a good day for that. out on friday with sunshine returning to the area and very cold conditions. showers coming to areas of montgomery county in gaithersburg, there is 200 70 and 70, west around areas of howard county, with showers just now coming into fairfax with stafford county, a little bit wet, over interstate 95. there's your look at your hourly forecast. this morning, dealing with a couple issues on 66 and the beltway in virginia. take a look here, this is the inner
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seeing. more emergency crews are rolling up on scene, only the right lane gets by. this is again blocking the express lane but the main lane is flowing with everyone looking going on.e what's the inner loop to approach the little river turnpike. delays headed inbound on 66, pretty typical with a lame taken out. to 10wing down right now miles per hour. the big picture is not bad at all in maryland, but virginia is the one spot we are watching with the activity in the express lanes. taking a live look at mobile track seven headed northbound on route one in laurel, this is what you will? see, you can't continue northbound because of an accident were reportedly a pedestrian was involved. a tow truck was on the scene but you are either forced to head west or do you turn. we will keep you updated on all of these crashes. larry?
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jummy: breaking overnight, rescuers find a critical clue in the search for a plane that crashed into the black see over the weekend. the russian defense ministry said that the airplane's flight recorder washed up offshore this morning and the plane crash two minutes after taking off from sochi. the 92 people on board are believed to have died. passengers includes dozens of singers from a russian military choir that were going to perform at a new year's concert. larry: of highland christmas in chicago. at least 50 people were shot over the holiday weekend. the tally includes one at a holiday christmas party and the south side. two people were killed, several others were wounded. police say that the majority of targetedings were attacks by gangs. more than 700 homicides were reported this year. last year fewer than 500 homicides were reported
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jummy: a man from maryland charged with bringing an unloaded harridan -- handgun to the airport. officers detected the handgun yesterday morning as his items passed through the checkpoint. police took the gun away and arrested the man. they have not released his name. morning, ann this exclusive look at an effort aimed at getting illegal weapons off the streets of d.c.. chief, cathylice lanier, started the gun recovery in 2007 and since then they have confiscated 2700 guns and seized tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition. some of the confiscated weapons look like they belong in a war zone, according to officials. >> what type of chaos would we be dealing with today if those weapons were still on the streets of d.c.? probablyt it as we saved the life or probably prevented the shooting. jummy: in the
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years the unit has consistently increase the number of guns it has taken away. giving tips, training, and technology. larry: a state of emergency is in effect outside detroit. a growing sinkhole forcing police to evacuate entire neighborhood. the second time a sinkhole has threatened homes in the area in the past several years. theng to the problems, whole is filling with raw sewage. they are looking at options to fix the mess, but there is no timeline for when that could happen or when people can return to their homes. jummy: cleaning up after the holiday, amazon is asking that you don't throw out the boxes that your gifts were shipped in. you can use them to donate to goodwill for free. fill the box with things you don't need, go to their website -- and u.s. and or post the u.s. postal service will deliver to where it's needed. help set a place at the table
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much by nominating a veteran to a dining room set valued at $3000. /seven salutes to nominate a deserving veterans today. nominations are being accepted through tomorrow. larry: a family in mexico finding out the hard way that if you invite them, they will come. birthday party turning into a rock concert. the imitation was posted on youtube, promising promises -- prizes and fun, saying that everyone was invited, so they did. they got one million rsvp's and thousands showed up. nearbyant people in towns, not the whole world. jummy cold -- jummy: those keen's and euros are a really good old time. jamie: that's great. a wide net that you cast out there on facebook. [laughter]
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jummy: one thing's for sure, yesterday seemed like everybody was out and about. i can only imagine what today will be like. yesterday was nice, it wasn't folks willmaybe the be staying away from the parking lot and maybe go to the parks to try to enjoy themselves. we are expecting sunshine but you will need the umbrella stepping out the door. just a small one today. and a jacket if we are starting out temperatures in the 40's to low 50 bus across the area now. let me show you what will be taking place. rain that we are tracking all morning long. montgomery county, howard county, that's the first little .atch, approaching laurel white oak, you will be seeing the showers soon. gaithersburg is already wet with showers to come. places like indianhead seeing the showers right now. nothing too heavy, but you
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extra time. highsng out in the 50's, in the mid 60's across the area. we are going to see some sunshine that will be breezy and wind gusts could get as high as 30 to 40 miles per hour. southwesterly wind will help to bump the temperatures up, giving us october like conditions. jefferson,ounty, that is where we will see the strongest wind later today. here is a look at the future weather. looking into the future, there is the sunshine headed our way. lunchtime today, showers headed out the way it is looking. high temperatures going up to 64, the next big change comes on friday with wind chill that will be in the 20's. jamie: a few issues that we are dealing with, the big one is on 66. bound, we havein an accident on the capital beltway. take a look, this is the express lane on the inner loop.
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express lanes. everyone is getting by using the right shoulder, but all of this traffic on the mainline, slowing down just looking over to see what's going on. 10 minutes ago we had five other emergency vehicles slowing and pulling off. 60 is the other big issue that we had. which was just as disabled, lanes were blocked, but everything is open now, moving prior to the point closer to route 50 we have that slowing dropping down to 36 miles per hour. the beltway in maryland looks really good headed north from prince george's into montgomery county, but one issue in laurel that we are still working, mobile trak 7 has a live look at a closure on route one. more on this coming up in about 10 minutes, you can't head north, so we will talk about the options for you. incredible story of survival, a mother, rescued afte26
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jummy: an story of survival from a mom who walked 26 miles to find help after family got stranded in a snowy grand canyon erie larry: crazy story that we were talking about yesterday, now she speaking out about what it took to get out alive. >> this morning in the gma first look, they set out on a family trip to the grand canyon. their gps serving as their guide. >> we were thinking that it didn't seem right, but this is the way that it was telling us to go. the storm,iddle of their car got stuck, so she went to back to the rate -- to the main road. forr walking for 30 miles muscle, with a pulled she goes to the entrance of the park, broke a window, crawled inside and collapse. >> i kept thinking that
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end. >> emergency responders were finally able to locate the car, tracking her. coming up, more on this story, your gma first look.
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. turn in thegic search for a missing yoga teacher. the new word coming out from the woman's family. what are police planning in the day ahead? jummy: honoring a painful piece of history. why the person joining him makes it all the more important as we say good morning to you, washington, here at 6:30. larry: let's go to veronica johnson for the one day at least we can lead the winter coats in the closet and just grab a lighter jacket. veronica: i predict that there will be a few people of -- a handful, walking around in short sleeves later today. but first this morning, we are dealing with wet weather, the umbrellas will be out and open. we are not getting that heavy rain
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lighter amounts, maybe a few hundredths of an inch, that's just enough. headingumbrella in hand out the door. you can see it on the stormwatch live doppler here, that line of green already around the beltway . ,aithersburg, laurel, waldorf all headed to anne arundel coun and calvert county. there is more where that came from. a chance of showers lasting through noontime with temperatures in the 50's. warm, there could be some isolated thunder with it, but really, no severe weather expected. the big story is really that springlike warmth. those temperatures will be coming down. a quick look at the windchill readings for friday, readings in the low-to-mid 20's across the area with the thermometer shaking yesterday. that's how cold it's going to
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for it.etting ready starting off in laurel, a live look at mobile trak 7 behind me. lashing lights, here's what's going on. best ran involved accident. route one north is completely blocked off. you see the sign here? you people are doing as they approach is either turning around or you are forced to head on and westbound. you may be seeing flashing lights in laurel with a backup behind it. talking about what else we are seeing, that's a live look at the capital beltway with accident activity in the express lanes in virginia northbound. the inner loop near the little river turnpike, main lines are slow headed northbound, mainly because everyone is bunchi up to look and see what's happening over in the express lanes. that's your look at traffic, back to you. larry: a night of breaking developments in the search for this
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her family, confirming online the police have now found her body. this was the scene just after 1:00 this morning in northwest. our cameras were there as the police examined a car matching the description and license plate of her missing toyota. inside, they found her body. the driver was immediately taken into custody. we are still waiting for an official word from police. they have scheduled a press conference for this morning. we will have it for you on our sister station as we continue, but once again, overnight, her brother changing the facebook page dedicated to finding her to a memorial page. we will have an update in about 15 minutes. jummy: breaking overnight, a scare for passengers on a plane headed india. to mumbai,headed sliding up the runway, getting ready for takeoff. passengers
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to get bumpy and then suddenly it turned. 12 people hurt, both of them jumping from the plane for safety. the airline says that none of the injuries were serious. an historic visit happening in hawaii. the japanese prime minister joining president obama for a visit to pearl harbor. >> today the japanese prime minister and president obama, making history by visiting pearl harbor together. >> they launch the main attack just after 6 a.m.. >> it has been 65 years since the attack, launching the u.s. into world war ii. .> it's really significant to think about the fact that those planes would have been lowering their altitude. >> all that remains from the battleship is a rusted turn it. beneath the water, hundreds of men remain entombed. >> part of the mission
6:35 am
here is reconciliation. that this event is a great reflection of the reconciliation that has happened. >> the visit comes months after president obama's trip to hiroshima, where he begin the first sitting u.s. president to visit the site for the united states dropped tonight -- dropped a nuclear bomb in 1945. the white house says that this is a to the memorial demonstration of the strength of the u.s. japanese alliance. stephanie ramos, abc news. jummy: it was the video of the summer. it looked like a waterfall at the cleveland park metro station. larry: not exactly a fun ride. the firs
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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jummy: who could forget this video from the summer? waddy of pouring down the stairs of the metro in a heavy rain. the department of transportation's getting started on a project to fix that flooding problem. crews have been drilling holes in the ground to test the soil. probing the far right lane of connecticut
6:39 am
larry: that's still crazy. jummy: that was some pretty good video. larry: well, for those of us who weren't involved. we don't know about you. the good news is that we don't need any heavy coats today. but the: no flooding, one thing that i remember about the video is how many folks were complaining about how many shoes got ruined going to the water. folks going -- now what am i going to do? even with the rain today, you don't have to worry about your shoes getting ruined. this, you'reng is looking at the wind over 20 miles per hour. occasional wind gusts coming through, the second batch of rain could bring some higher wind as well. laurel, down to waldorf, headed to annapolis in shady side, the first little batch of rain.
6:40 am
as we continue through the morning hours it's probably all going to wrap up by lunchtime. 64, 65, i will easily take that for today. hopefully we will have more days like that coming our way. new year's eve it looks like we could have some showers with temperatures getting back to more seasonable levels. midnight, 47 degrees there. new year's day we will be turning over the sunshine and as we do, it looks like for the giants and redskins game, 47 degrees with showers wrapping up , not too cold. for friday, again, that's what i'm advertising, windchill in the 20's coming our way. on 70 warmth continuing with those roller coaster temperatures. begin in laurel. traveling on the icc, accident investigation is underway involving pedestrians.
6:41 am
most of the morning, keeping a close eye on what we are seeing. what you have as we approach the the icc isound on this digital aero, pushing you over to the left-hand side. the you are forced to make a u-turn or get on and head westbound. we are already seeing a backup if you are headed in this direction. know that you will see this delay. let's talk about what else you have in virginia. northbound on the inner loop, flashing lights with accident activity. definitely with some volume here. nothing major. we are ok. that just some volume, that's it. not a lot to worry about right now. there is a closure in place in the district with police activity on m street from 22nd to 23rd. back to you guys at the desk. larry:
6:42 am
but scalpers are trying to cash on the donald trump inauguration. plus, the mall crawl. shopping centers around the country and new overnight, police linking the violence together. larry, we are following breaking news this morning. a yoga teacher and local actor, missing on christmas, found dead this morning inside of her vehicle.
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>> from abc, this is a breaking news alert. larry: while you're sleeping, family members of tricia mcauley confirming that the missing woman's body has been found. jummy: please present at her house in north west, from the left side you can see the yellow building and on the right side the's overnight, where police found what appears to be her car at 22nd and m street. that is where sam sweeney is now, he has been there all morning long and there is a lot going on in the case.
6:46 am
we are learning more about her. a 46-year-old yoga teacher and actor, this morning she was found dead. here is what happened. police were called to the scene by a man walking his dog. he thought he saw her car and that is when he called police. i am joined by that man now. jonathan, you saw the missing persons per poster on social media, what happened next? >> i saw it right on my phone as i was walking. i immediately recognized the man, smoking a big cigar or something. dancing around with music in the car. i walked up behind him to make sure that i could see the bumper sticker that i'd read about. i saw that it was there. he said hello, how are you. i said hello, trying to get more information out of him to keep in there for a minute, but he drove away. i got the police on the phone right away to make sure that they could get there and interact with him.
6:47 am
sam: they didn't show up, pulling over the vehicle, they found the video in's -- they found the body inside. moments afterwards they took the driver into custody. this is the first time you are hearing the story, we want to give you a timeline among -- timeline on what happened. she was reported missing christmas night. supposed to go to a christmas party, but she never showed up. she made a dish that was left on her counter. she liked something at around 5:30 in the evening and that was the last time anyone heard from her. she was supposed to fly to utah but she never showed up for the flight. that is when d.c. police put up the missing persons notice. again early this morning that found that vehicle and her body. theaterpart of the d.c. scene, part of the screen actors guild, she will be sorely missed . at 8:00 this morning the d.c. interim police chief said that he will hold a press conference
6:48 am
we will be there and carry it live on our sister station, news channel 8. that's the latest, i'm sam sweeney. larry: sam, thank you for that great reporting there. we been following this story for you all morning long. you will find out as soon as we get any more information, you can get a text right to your phone. jummy: also breaking overnight, a social media post leading to a massive brawl in colorado. this was the aftermath of about 500 people getting involved in multiple fights. five people were arrested, all of them under the age of 18. this was just one of nearly a dozen brawls across the country. officers had to use pepper spray to break up the large crowd. panic ensued when people thought they heard gunshots, but it was actually the sound of a falling chair. shoppers ran from the mall, causing two people to get hurt. no official word on whether any of the fights are connected. larry: two children
6:49 am
suffering carbon monoxide poisoning and their mother maybe under investigation. police say they went into the white oaks shopping center on monday afternoon and left a two-year-old and three-month-old alone inside of a car when the mother and older son came back, the younger children were visibly ill. they were taken to the hospital, no word right now on their condition. police are still working to determine if charges will be brought against the mother. new for you this morning, police looking for a trio of thieves that struck a boutique in new york. security cameras catching them as they smash the front of the boutique here this night before christmas. in and out in minutes, with 20 of the most expensive furs. most of those coats are reportedly worth millions. no arrests have the yet been made. jummy: seven is on your side with a consumer alert warning about an inauguration scam. tick s
6:50 am
in when donald trump sworn in. tickets are supposed to be free. they are and you can get them from several places, like a congressman, but some are going force thousands on scalping websites. legislation to make selling these tickets illegal has been proposed in the senate, but it has never been past. keeping the president-elect safe will be a monumental task for the secret service. law enforcement will have garman trucks blocking access to the procession and there are hundreds of thousands of people expected to line up on the national mall in an effort to prevent an attack like what happened in berlin. larry: many are still making their way back home following the holiday weekend, but for some parts of the country, we could whether his hamper the efforts. weakening overnight, the combination of freezing rain, snow, and high wind, forcing large backups on highways in the dakotas and parts of the south are now experiencing
6:51 am
raising the risk of tornadoes and damaging storms. i was in tennessee on christmas morning and it was 62, 70's before they got going. it was really warm down there. barack a: all of that warmth allows the storms to really brew during the afternoon hours. kind of like a second severe weather season. for us we will not have quite a strong a cold front, but it will bring some rain. bringing the range of the area, with temperatures there ahead of it higher, we will be in the 60's today. here we are on the 27th of december and it could be the warmest day of the month. ofperatures on the first december, 63, forecasting 64 degrees for today. around d.c. the rain has moved out around the beltway. on the east side, headed to areas like annapolis and dunkirk, we have been tracking this all morning long. another batch to the west that yoca
6:52 am
you when it will be moving. a.m., aboutround 11 five hours away or so. by lunchtime, a bigger part of the rain will be done. breezy to windy, that southwest wind, temperatures easily carry into the 50's and into the 60's by lunchtime. 1:00, and with the warmth there could be an isolated thunderstorm here with a rumble of thunder coming out of your window. one thing that i wanted to show is the area here that i have shaded in where the clouds could hold longer today. early on thursday morning, the next chance for rain north and west of d.c.. theflakes mixing in with rain, that is what is going to be falling, road temperatures way warm. frederick on thursday morning, there could be a bit in the way
6:53 am
fall early before we switch over to all rain. windy on friday, cooler weekend as we bring in 2017, highs in the 40 crop -- 40's across the area. if you are looking towards the forecast, jamie? jamie: i can't believe it. earlier today, it would be near 64 and i said -- is that a joke? i thought she was joking, but apparently that's how it's going to be. dealing with a few issues in laurel, maryland. if you live there, heads up, you might see some flashing lights and you might encounter this issue northbound on route one at the icc. it actually looks like they are reopening this, which is good news, it happened in the last minute or so. 45 minutes ago there was a tow truck going through. us. is good news for
6:54 am
you know what we find, the reopening happening in the past few minutes. another issue right now, going ahead and moving to the beltway, headed northbound on the inner loop your braddock road, this is what you will see. we have seen a few issues with accident activity near the little -- little river turnpike. you see that volume where you average only in the teens? we are keeping a close eye on it, but it looks like the express lane committee there has cleared away. again, we will let you know in about 10 minutes what we have going on with the crash there, but it looks like good news. jummy: big names headlining at the mgm national harbor tonight. bruno mars will be performing. theater has already filled up for two concerts. next up? durant durham. how are we going to get there, kidd o'shea? kidd:
6:55 am
town. you are the one with all the connections. you need to take your friends. >> just ask? we could probably just and in the lobby of its a theater, the floor isn't far from there. i would be ok, catching a little bit of that. larry: and when the usher starts washing, just slide right in behind him. kidd: there's our plan to seek and tonight. like 20 seconds. real quickly, the emotions surrounding the death of george michael included the news of his secret charitable work. dozens of people have taken to social media to reveal the good needs he tried to keep hidden, giving 15,000 pounds to one woman needing fertility treatment. donating millions to children's
6:56 am
anonymously at homeless shelters. amazing work that he continued to do. we continue to keep learning about his career. this guy started out in a pop , he was notally just the face of a pop group, he was a visionary. he wrote and produced songs, and artist, we lost a great. a great story coming up on news channel 8 about a 96-year-old man who got a greeting from one of today's biggest music pop stars. incredible story coming up in just a bit. right now, though, time for your 62nd express. around the car, she was found dead. the man who appears to be a person of interest in the case got in that police van. >> police were called to the scene by a man walking a dog. >> i immediately recognized it was the man.
6:57 am
>> chaos inside of a mall packed with holiday shoppers. >> getting home after the holidays is not getting any easier. >> this is a holiday travel nightmare. >> historic visit happening in hawaii. the japanese prime minister will join president obama. >> a great reflection and reconciliation. cowboyslast night, the winning and beating the giants at home on sunday. they are in. unless they tie in those five days. heading over to news channel 8. join us there at
6:58 am
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good morning, america. mall mayhem. violence erupting at malls across the country. panicked shoppers scrambling for safety on one of the busiest shopping days of the holiday season. >> i see kids hitting each other. kids trampling each other so it was just madness. >> fights breaking out even reports of gunfire. was social media at the center of it all? treacherous roads and stormy skies. stopping travelers in their tracks. families snowed in. car windows turned to ice. road closures from arizona to new england. just as millions of people try to make their way home. they're calling it a christmas miracle. a family stranded in the frigid wilderness, the brave mom's desperate 30-mile hike fighting th


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